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Welcome to the Cedar Community

My name is Dr. Hayley. and I love guiding families through their health and wellness journeys.

I believe that every-body has the capacity to thrive. My vision is to create a community space that supports, guides and enables each individual to find their health and happiness.
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We love seeing kids at Cedar Chiropractic.

Evidence shows that chiropractic care for kids has an exceptionally high safety record, and can be a very effective therapy for their developing nervous systems. Care for children can look quite different to care for adults, and children are treated with modified techniques and forces to suit their growing spines and nervous systems. 

Dr Hayley has undertaken additional paediatric training, and has a huge passion for working with kids. 

At Cedar we are passionate about being a part of your pregnancy and post-partum journey.


Chiropractic care can assist in reducing stress in the nervous system, re balancing the pelvic ligaments, and bringing more ease into the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. 

All adjustments are modified to ensure maximal comfort and minimal force.

Dr Hayley has undertaken pregnancy specific training, and continues to advance her knowledge in the area to bring you the most innovative pregnancy care. 

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Cedar Chiropractic Spine Drawing


Through the art of Chiropractic we look to restore function and mobility, whilst increasing the body’s adaptability and resilience. 

When both the physical body and the nervous system are optimized, symptoms can be resolved and function can be returned. 

Chiropractic care can consist of manual ‘adjustments’ to the spine and extremities, instrument assisted adjusting, myofascial and tonal work, and exercise and movement therapies. All care is tailored to the individual and forces modified to suit the system being worked on.

At Cedar we have a WHOLE body approach and recognise that both physical and mental health is a perfect harmony that can be achieved by all individuals. 



  • Thrive not survive! Breathwork and yoga to support healthy stress patterns.
    Thrive not survive! Breathwork and yoga to support healthy stress patterns.
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Fremantle, 181A High St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
    Time is TBD
    Fremantle, 181A High St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
    If you want to manage STRESS and create better WORK LIFE BALANCE this event is for you! And best of all, all ticket funds will all be donated to THE STARLIGHT CHILDRENS FOUNDATION.

Our Process

Initial Appointment

Initial appointments are 40 minutes and involve a detailed history followed by a comprehensive physical assessment including neurological, orthopedic and postural analysis, as well as an in depth assessment of movement and function.

Dr Hayley will then review all of your assessment details to create the best options for care moving forward. This will be presented at your next appointment.

Review of Findings

Your review appointment will enable us to go through and discuss your findings and treatment options, and together we can create a road map for care going forward that is specifically tailored to you.


An initial treatment is included and we can start the process of restoring function to your body.

Subsequent Treatments

Subsequent treatments will be around 15 minutes and will incorporate numerous techniques, including manual adjusting, tonal work, myofascial release, and exercise rehabilitation. Techniques and treatments are very specific to your individual’s needs.​

"exploring the bodies ability to heal is an opportunity to co-create health and re-design your path to wellness"


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